Sol In Uganda.

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Sol is in Kampala, Uganda to teach homeless kids how to play drums! Follow her adventures on Facebook!

The First Leg.

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After a hair-raising finale at o13 Poppodium in Tilburg, the Katzenjammer European Tour of 2015 now has a leg to stand on. The second leg kicks off on December 7th in Cologne, but first it’s time for the 10 Year Anniversary celebration in Oslo´s Spektrum Arena. Join in if you can!

Review Of The Cambridge Junction Gig.

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Ally Gale at writes:

For all the variation however, Katzenjammer are undoubtedly at their best when at their most chaotic. Spread across the stage they make a fearsome sight when in full flow. Armed with instruments such as the triangular Balalaika – a three stringed guitar of Russian origin which looks more like a medieval weaponry rather than something you play – the growling vocals of Marianne Sveen and an infectious energy, there’s little you can do but submit and let yourself be carried away.

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Review Of The Bierkeller Gig.

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Philip Allen at writes a very nice review of the gig at The Bierkeller in Bristol:

The same magic is present here tonight. Katzenjammer’s vocal harmonies that dominate their songs are like an angelic chorus, moving some to tears around me. It’s profound and quiet unexpected for me. I am not necessarily a fan of folky-pop but tonight is a revelation. The girls make an emotional connection that’s deeper and stronger than most ‘pop’ music, and to call them such is a disservice.

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Nothing Can Stop The Blöb!

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The Blöb!

75%!A little over a month ago, on October 8th, the Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign … hang on a minute. “The Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign” is just a much too long-winded thing to be spelling out all the time, so from now on we´re just going to call it The Blöb, because why not.

If you need to brush up on what this is actually all about, you can read about it here or here.

So, a little over a month ago, on October 8th, The Blöb reached 50% of its goal. Now, we´re pleased to announce, we are at 75%, another milestone on the way to Total Blöb Goodness™.

If you want to secure a signed, exclusive something for yourself, now is the time to do it! Pop over to the Blöb page now, and let´s push this thing past the 100% mark!

So, What Is A Screen Print, Anyway?

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One of the fabulous items you can pre-purchase at the Gearbox Sessions PledgeMusic campaign site is an “exclusive screen print featuring original artwork”, signed by the band. But what is screen printing, anyway? We found a lovely video that shows the process from start to finish, at it´s most artisanal, hand made, DIY level.

So, why not give it ten minutes of your life, learn something you didn´t know, and then hop on over to the PledgeMusic site and treat yourself to one exclusive, signed screen print, at the low, low price of €24.20?