Pre-Order Rockland Soon!

POSTED 05.12.2014 19:07 IN News


Finally it’s ready. It’s our great pleasure to show you the artwork and track listing from our brand new album Rockland.

It will be available to pre order internationally on Monday. Cant wait for you all to hear it.

Studio Life, Six Seconds At A Time.

POSTED 11.05.2014 20:46 IN News

More here…

App! App! App!

POSTED 16.01.2014 12:00 IN News
We have an announcement! Katzenjammer has a new years gift for you guys! A Katzenjammer app we´re going to fill with all sorts of surprises! Want all Katzenjammer info in one place? Download the app! It´s FREE! Download for iOS or Android

The Katzenjammer Kid.

POSTED 21.11.2013 17:52 IN Miscellaneous News


Young Ola here, spawned by Turid,  is apparently already taking fashion advice from Solveig.

Marianne Scores!

POSTED 10.07.2013 17:21 IN News

Marianne made the score for this short film, produced as a promo piece for TV2 in Norway. It´s also a nice instructional video for you kids out there, demonstrating how people used to communicate in the olden days, by writing “letters” on “paper”, with a thing called a “pen”.

Short Katzenmentary From Oslo.

POSTED 10.07.2013 17:05 IN News reports from Katzenjammer´s first ever (!) festival gig at home in Oslo on June 21.