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The First Leg.

After a hair-raising finale at o13 Poppodium in Tilburg, the Katzenjammer European Tour of 2015 now has a leg to stand on. The second leg kicks off on December 7th in Cologne, but first it’s time for the 10 Year Anniversary celebration in Oslo´s Spektrum Arena. Join in if you can!

Nothing Can Stop The Blöb!

The Blöb!

75%!A little over a month ago, on October 8th, the Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign … hang on a minute. “The Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign” is just a much too long-winded thing to be spelling out all the time, so from now on we´re just going to call it The Blöb, because why not.

If you need to brush up on what this is actually all about, you can read about it here or here.

So, a little over a month ago, on October 8th, The Blöb reached 50% of its goal. Now, we´re pleased to announce, we are at 75%, another milestone on the way to Total Blöb Goodness™.

If you want to secure a signed, exclusive something for yourself, now is the time to do it! Pop over to the Blöb page now, and let´s push this thing past the 100% mark!

So, What Is A Screen Print, Anyway?


One of the fabulous items you can pre-purchase at the Gearbox Sessions PledgeMusic campaign site is an “exclusive screen print featuring original artwork”, signed by the band. But what is screen printing, anyway? We found a lovely video that shows the process from start to finish, at it´s most artisanal, hand made, DIY level.

So, why not give it ten minutes of your life, learn something you didn´t know, and then hop on over to the PledgeMusic site and treat yourself to one exclusive, signed screen print, at the low, low price of €24.20?

Help Us Record Our Next Album!

Direct-to-disc recording is the high-wire act of album making. Bypassing all the tools, hard drives and computers of the modern studio, the musician’s performance is captured by microphones, goes through a mixing console, and is etched directly onto a master vinyl disc. In one take, no redos, no repairs, no overdubs, no second chances. And not song-by-song, but side-by-side, i.e. one side of the record is performed in sequence, with the appropriate 4-second silence between tracks, then the master is turned over, and the other side is recorded in its entirety (possibly with a short break for tea and biscuits in between).


It’s the musician’s equivalent of jumping out of a plane, hoping you’ll meet someone with a spare parachute on the way down. So, of course, Katzenjammer really, really want to try it.

But for that to happen, we need your help! We set up a crowdfunding campaign at in early october, and we are as of this writing 56% [UPDATE: 99%!] of the way there. With 99 days left to go, there´s still plentiful goodies left for you to snap up: The Gearbox Sessions on beautiful vinyl (of course), artwork from the album, and setlists from recent Katzenjammer shows, all signed by the band, and much more!


Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary With Us!

Over 3 år har gått siden Katzenjammer ga ut albumet «A Kiss Before You Go», og siden den gang har de hatt gjentatte seiersrunder på flere kontinenter. Utsolgte turnéer i Tyskland, Benelux, Storbritannia og USA. De har solgt til gull, spilt live på radio og TV over hele Europa, spilt i tysk såpeopera og ikke minst – spilt hundrevis av konserter for hundretusener av glade fans!

I januar 2015 kom endelig et nytt album fra Katzenjammer, produsert av Victor van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Beth Orton m.fl.). Albumet har fått navnet «Rockland», og ble feiret på et smekk fullt Sentrum Scene i januar. De ettertraktede jentene har nylig avsluttet en turne i Europa, der samtlige arenaer har vært utsolgt. I sommer går ferden tilbake til Europa og de største festivalene. Senere på året, besøker de Shepherd’s Bush Empire i London, Tempodrom i Berlin og Porsche Arena i Stuttgart.

Det eneste stoppestedet i Norge denne gang blir i Oslos storstue, Oslo Spektrum, lørdag 5. desember. Bandet er heltente og lover en forrykende avslutning på et strålende år! Velkommen!




Hvil Meg.

Last year, I went to Iraq to visit refugees from Syria and Iraq in three different refugee camps. The impressions and the people I met were unforgettable. I think about them a lot. In less than ten months one million people have fled Syria out of totally four millions. Half of these are children. And still, many people are unable to escape the war ravaged country.Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) are doing a fantastic effort to help as many as they can. You can download this song on iTunes, and see images from my trip in this video. All profits from this song goes directly to NRC.…

Best, Marianne Sveen