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Review Of The Cambridge Junction Gig.

Ally Gale at writes:

For all the variation however, Katzenjammer are undoubtedly at their best when at their most chaotic. Spread across the stage they make a fearsome sight when in full flow. Armed with instruments such as the triangular Balalaika – a three stringed guitar of Russian origin which looks more like a medieval weaponry rather than something you play – the growling vocals of Marianne Sveen and an infectious energy, there’s little you can do but submit and let yourself be carried away.

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Review Of The Bierkeller Gig.

Philip Allen at writes a very nice review of the gig at The Bierkeller in Bristol:

The same magic is present here tonight. Katzenjammer’s vocal harmonies that dominate their songs are like an angelic chorus, moving some to tears around me. It’s profound and quiet unexpected for me. I am not necessarily a fan of folky-pop but tonight is a revelation. The girls make an emotional connection that’s deeper and stronger than most ‘pop’ music, and to call them such is a disservice.

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RoomThirteen Album Review.

RoomThirteen writes:

“These ladies are very unpredictable and impulsive. As they are multi-instrumentalists, they believe in doing something new to keep things fresh and alive for the fans; changing instruments tends to keep their act interesting and exciting. There is something about the melodies presented that make these songs so enjoyable you can’t help but get your toes tapping, your head nodding or shoulders bopping. With the varied vocals also grasping your attention for the duration of the release, you can’t help but be impressed by the work of Katzenjammer.”

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IndieLondon Review.

IndieLondon reviews A Kiss Before You Go:

“KATZENJAMMER’S A Kiss Before You Go is a wonderfully eclectic delight… an album that’s by turns kooky and obscure yet also catchy and jig-along.

It’s a collection of folk-pop that’s also informed by Balkan flavours, cabaret clubs, comic strips and straight up pop with the odd dark number thrown in for good measure.

Katzenjammer are Anne Marit, Marianne, Solveig and Turid and they hail from Norway. Thus far, they’ve garnered something of a cult following on these shores. But thanks to this latest album, that following could now grow.”

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The Digital Fix Album Review.

Ian SandWell at The Digital Fix writes:

Culminating in the frankly astonishing harmonised a cappella ‘God’s Great Dust Storm’ – jaws on floor a prerequisite for any listen – A Kiss Before You Go departs, leaving us breathless and pondering over what we’ve just heard. Refusing to be background music, the album requires – and deserves – your full attention as otherwise you’ll drop in at one moment to be wrapped in a lovely acoustic melody, only to swing by later on and be hit with a full-blown gothic drama. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but it’s hard to believe any other album this year will make you feel so off-balance as it unfolds – a really rather glorious feeling to be felt in a musical world too often filled with convention.


MusicOMH Review.

Ben Weisz at MusicOMH writes:

Everybody’s favourite Norwegian multi-instrumentalist female four-piece set sail for the airwaves in their latest swashbuckler of an album. With UK dates at the end of May, their small but cult-like following can only swell, and judging by this album, deservedly so. Carving out a unique niche for themselves in the bosom of folk-pop, Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jørgensen’s latest effort is often raucous, occasionally majestic and close to brilliance.


Subba Cultcha Likes The Album A Bit.

Normally we quote short excerpts from articles on the web, but this glorious review from Andi James Chamberlain at Subba Cultcha just demands to be reproduced in its entirety. Oh, and A Kiss Before You Go gets a 10 out of 10.

“The first KATZENJAMMER album was a mini masterpiece that pretty much took a week that was descending into a slow, pressure-cooker like fall into Hell and turned it into something akin to a party in my pants where everyone was invited…
It took the start of a dark, horrible Black mood and switched it into a free jiving, gypsy wedding extravaganza of epic proportions and brought me smiling into a brilliant mood for the rest of the week – much to the chagrin of the wankers who I work with, who were under the same amount of pressure, but lacking in any kind of free, righteous and brilliant Female orientated alt folk rock like I was…

KATZENJAMMER are an abundantly awesome Female folk rock act who peddle in the kind of sleazy, raunchy and extravagant music that makes you want to slap your own thigh and do the doozy doo with the nearest person of the opposite sex, before falling lovingly and debauchedly into the hay for a night of illicit passion. Continue reading “Subba Cultcha Likes The Album A Bit.”