Nothing Can Stop The Blöb!

The Blöb!

75%!A little over a month ago, on October 8th, the Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign … hang on a minute. “The Gearbox Sessions Pledgemusic campaign” is just a much too long-winded thing to be spelling out all the time, so from now on we´re just going to call it The Blöb, because why not.

If you need to brush up on what this is actually all about, you can read about it here or here.

So, a little over a month ago, on October 8th, The Blöb reached 50% of its goal. Now, we´re pleased to announce, we are at 75%, another milestone on the way to Total Blöb Goodness™.

If you want to secure a signed, exclusive something for yourself, now is the time to do it! Pop over to the Blöb page now, and let´s push this thing past the 100% mark!